A few years ago Github announced Github Actions which is an incredibly useful tool for developers. Now the big question is will Github Actions reduce the complexity of modern DevOps operations? the answer is inside this article.

In this article, we will be focussing on…

  1. What are GitHub Actions?
  2. What are the Developer workflows?
  3. GitHub Events and Actions.
  4. CI/CD Pipeline with GitHub Actions.

What are GitHub Actions?

Nowadays the developers have to consider more than just writing the code. Devs have to write their code, build the artifacts, test those artifacts, and also deploy those artifacts to the test environments. You can think that…

This article provides an introduction to AWS Storage services and gives guidelines to get started with the AWS S3 bucket.

I think you already know that Amazon Web Services (AWS)and Google are the leading cloud service providers in the world right now. Speaking about Amazon they got some exciting cloud services for us. AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) is one of them. If you need an easy and quick storage service AWS S3 is the best solution. Before talking about Amazon S3, let’s see what we are going to discuss today,

  1. What are the AWS storage services?
  2. What is AWS…

For beginners, this article will help to take an idea about some basic CRUD operations using Java and MySQL.

Before we start, you need to have some requirements with you. Make sure you have all these things.

  1. Netbeans IDE (I prefer Netbeans because I’m using Netbeans in this tutorial)
  2. JDBC connector.
  3. Java 8.0 or upper version installed.
  4. XAMPP installed.

Alright, let’s start our tutorial. I’m going to show these java CRUD operations by creating a basic course management system.

let’s start creating the UI first. If you are using the Netbeans IDE just create an empty JFrame.

Before we getting started with OpenCV let’s talk about what is Image Processing…?

Simply image processing is that enhancing an image or extracting useful information out of it using computer algorithms. digital image processing deals with developing a digital system that performs operations on a digital image.

In order do Image processing there are several pre-defined image processing libraries and OpenCV is one of them. OpenCV is stand for Open Source Computer Vision Library. In simple words OpenCV is an open source computer vision and machine learning software library. …

A few weeks ago we talked about How to deploy WSO2 API Microgateway in serverless mode using Knative, In this post, we are going to talk about something similar to that. In the API management business, WSO2 is one of the leaders in the market. Today we are going to see how this serverless feature works with API management. WSO2 K8s API Operator is using Knative to achieve its serverless functionality. You already know lots of things about Knative if you followed my previous articles. If you are new to Knative follow this article to get an idea.

What WSO2…

WSO2 API Microgateway is an open-source lightweight message processor for APIs. It simplifies creating, deploying, and securing the APIs which is supported in decentralized environments like microservice architecture. Simply the serverless mode here describes the auto-scaling up and scaling down to zero based on the request taken by the application.

  • Why we need to deploy API Microgateway in serverless mode.
  • What are the Knative and Knative Serving components?
  • Role of Istio in Knative
  • What is WSO2 API Microgateway?
  • Deploying WSO2 API Microgateway in serverless mode using Knative.
  • How the serverless mode works in Knative.

When we usually launched the WSO2…

This article is recommended for who are beginners to the GraphQL, this will help you to take a quick start on GraphQL

  • What is GraphQL…?
  • How does GraphQL work..?
  • What is the difference between REST vs GraphQL..?
  • REST and GraphQL are two ways to send data over HTTP. The REST-based approach is the traditional way of doing so and has gained a very high adoption rate in many application stacks in the last years.
  • GraphQL is developed by Facebook which is basically an open-source data query language for APIs. …

You can get an idea about Knative Autoscaling capabilities by reading this article. Furthermore, you will get to know how to config your Knative Pod Autoscaler correctly.

For the starters, you need to know what is Knative..? well in a simple way Knative is Kubernetes based platform to deploy serverless applications. In this article, I’m not giving you a deep introduction about “what is Knative..?” but don’t worry you can read this article to get an idea about it.

Serverless function of Knative is performed by pod autoscaling to zero and upscaling with the traffic coming to the application. …

From this article, you can find out more information about the Knative and Knative serve component.

Knative or Kubernetes-native is one of the modern techniques which is using for deploy serverless applications using Kubernetes. Knative has a collection of open-source building blocks which is helping to deploy serverless containers on Kubernetes.

If you think about those building blocks, it has two main components,

  1. Knative Serving — For rapid deployment and autoscaling of serverless applications. It provides features like custom routing and autoscaling.
  2. Knative Eventing — For loosely coupled event-driven services.

Well, we are talking about the serverless deployments, then Knative…

This article will help beginners to get an idea about kubernetes basics and it’s terminology

What is Kubernetes..?

In a simple way kubernetes is a platform which is automating,deploying and managing containers.in order to do that Kubernetes perform below tasks

  • Starting right container at the right time.
  • Make connections between multiple containers.
  • Handling storage management.
  • Take care of failed containers.
  • Run containers across different machines .
  • Scaling up or down or, adding or remove depending on the demand.
  • Keep storage consistent with multiple instances of an application.
  • Distribute load balance between containers.
  • Launch containers in different machines if containers fail.

How Kubernetes works…

Kubernetes works as…

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